Air cargo week

ACW 4 150 150 Alex Brown

We have advertised with Air Cargo Week for many years now, and feel the coverage and quality of the publication enables us to reach the right air cargo professionals in the industry. And the advertising team are always able to accommodate our last minute requirements!

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ACW 3 150 150 Alex Brown

As a top air cargo carrier, Saudia Cargo appreciates the opportunities offered by Air Cargo Week to provide our existing and potential customers with the best quality of services in a growing industry. As the demand and results have continued to rise, we have been confident in co-operating with Air Cargo Week.

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ACW 2 150 150 Alex Brown

We choose ACW as our number one freight medium, not only due to its longevity and excellent reputation within the industry, but also for its quality of readership and leads we receive from our series of campaigns.

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ACW 1 150 150 Alex Brown

ACW has proven to be a source of valuable information. I read it every week and I like the concise informative news items.

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