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partners and affiliates

Partners and Affiliates

Over the years we have established and maintained productive partnerships and mutually beneficial affiliations with a number of important international organisations which helps us to deliver both added value and additional opportunities to our client base around the world.

These include sector-leading companies, government departments and major industry bodies. A vital common factor is that the organisations with whom we choose to co-operate so closely have also demonstrated a long-term commitment to those industries we serve.

Messe Muenchen

Based in Munich, Germany, Messe Muenchen is one of the world’s largest organisers of trade fairs, promoting more than forty different events every year in Europe, Africa, India and China. These events cover a wide and varied range of products including capital goods, new technologies, consumer goods and the services markets. AZura International has been in partnership with MMI since 2001, primarily as co-organisers of the highly successful Air Cargo Europe exhibition and conference since 2003 and the similar Air Cargo China event from 2004.

The International Air Cargo Association – TIACA

TIACA is a global not-for-profit trade association representing all major sectors of the air cargo and air logistics industry, engaging in activities that seek to improve industry co-operation, promote innovation, share knowledge, enhance efficiency and encourage education. AZura International has been a Trustee Member of TIACA for twenty years, regularly promoting the Association’s activities and producing daily newspapers at its biennial international Air Cargo Forum and Exposition.

The Baltic Air Charter Association – BACA

BACA is the successor to the Airbrokers Association, founded by members of the Baltic Mercantile and Shipping Exchange in 1949. In 1976 membership was extended to airlines and other non-members of the Exchange who could show that they operated their aviation businesses to the same high standards set by the original Association. AZura International is proud to have been elected to membership of BACA for more than a decade and also continues to sponsor the Association’s annual Golf Day.

International Air Transport Association - IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the principal trade association for the world’s major airlines and its 240 member airlines carry 84% of all the world’s total air traffic. As a key part of its overall strategy IATA organises a wide range of important conferences, seminars and other similar events for which AZura International’s various products provide global media sponsorship.

Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés - FIATA

Founded in 1926, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) represents an industry consisting of more than 40,000 forwarding and logistics companies who jointly employ nearly 10 million people in over 150 countries. With a worldwide influence, FIATA is the largest non-governmental organisation in the field of transportation and AZura International plays an important part in promoting its work, especially the FIATA World Congress

Global Shippers Forum – GSF

Created as recently as 2006, the Global Shippers Forum is the world’s leading trade association for shippers engaged in international trade, moving goods by all modes of transport. GSF represents the interests of shippers and their respective organisations primarily by influencing commercial developments in the international freight transport industry and the policy decisions of governments and international organisations as they affect consignors and consignees. Through its various outlets, AZura International provides GSF, inter alia, with a mouthpiece for its important work.

WCA World

WCA World is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarding companies with over 5600 member offices in 190 countries and more than 700 cities and ports worldwide. Founded in 1998 as a worldwide non-exclusive network, WCA is neutrally managed and operated to benefit every member company. As global media partner, AZura International actively supports WCA’s initiatives and is particularly effective in promoting its wide range of member conferences.

United Kingdom Air Cargo Club – UKACC2000

Founded in 1962 with membership on an individual basis through its members, UKACC has representation from most major airlines, freight forwarders and other industry related companies. Renowned in particular for its long history of fund raising for a wide range of worthwhile causes it also organises the annual Gala Charity Ball for which AZura International is a major sponsor.

Aerospace Defence Security - ADS

AZura International is, through its wholly-owned subsidiary AZura Security Media Limited, a member of ADS, the UK aerospace, defence and security industry trade organisation created through the merger of APPSS, DMA and SBAC.