AZura International provides in-depth business information to an international audience about airfreight, logistics, defence and security companies and products plus exhibitions and conferences in both print and online form.

AZura International is a media and events company with leading positions in the international logistics and defence markets. We conduct business in over 80 countries around the world and our operation embraces all types of traditional and digital media, conferences, trade shows and awards events.
Air Cargo Week, the world's only weekly newspaper published for the airfreight professional
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The Defence Equipment Catalogue (TDEC) is a showcase of the world's best defence products presented with the latest online features, including social media.
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AZura International – Digitally re-mastered

Welcome to the AZura International website. Our company, previously internationally renowned as the A-Z Group, has for over twenty years occupied a leading position in the world of logistics and defence industry information, media and events.

Always innovative, the company continues on a path of development into the digital area. We have successfully met the challenge of the media revolution.

Our company was founded long ago on printed publications and we have successfully negotiated the migration to the digital world, to create world class products and a promotional platform into the markets we serve that are “par excellence.”

The details of our extensive portfolio of products and services are shown here. Further information is freely available from our executive team. We look forward to partnering with you and to helping you achieve your informational and marketing aims through 2015 and beyond.

Air Cargo Week...leading news and information
Our flagship news product, Air Cargo Week, is universally accepted as the favourite read for air cargo professionals around the world. It now appears in three formats. The printed version, the digital issue and the website version. Whatever you preference here is the information the aircargo professional needs and outstanding promotional access to the market…

Databases and more...
The world famous A-Z Directory and the online manifestation, have been universally used and applauded by the worldwide logistics industry for many years. A major development of content of this database into totally new areas of content to include graphics and video will maintain AZura International's leading position and ensure it is the most used resource for company information

The learning curve... innovation in education
With the ever increasing complexity of the modern logistics business, there has never been a greater “need to know” and understand the constant changes in all aspects of the business to help maintain efficient working practices. Our new series of individual subject video lectures, the AZura e-learning Academy Series, which will be broadcast across the AZura International websites and via its dedicated website, will also feature current industry comment on the subject matter from leading logistics executives around the world

Asia Air Logistics...
expansion into Asia

The “Asian Century” is upon us and to cater for the burgeoning demand for information for the logistics professional we are expanding our activity here with a new title called Asia Air Logistics. This expansion of an existing title will now embrace the entire region with a digital issue and website. Producing the title in English and Mandarin Chinese will ensure and an unmatched penetration and readership in this vitally important area